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October 2014 Newsletter

Baking Hacks for Healthier Cookies!

Posted on October 8th, 2014 by Brandon

iwEoK9q65gSA The Huffington Post online (10 million circ.) has recommended Silpat® in a feature called “Baking Hacks for Healthier Cookies.” Silpat® eliminates the need to use  grease, butter, lard, and other sprays as well as parchment paper or other disposable products. They go on to write “Because there is no flour in these cookies…make  sure to cook on a Silpat® the top rack of the oven.”

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Use Silpat® to Make Tomato Tarts and other Tomato Appetizers!

Posted on October 8th, 2014 by Brandon

downloadWayne Johnson at, the website for NBC Chicago (4.9 million circ.) recommends using Silpat® in his recipe for tomato tarts and other tomato appetizers. He writes, “Slide the parchment onto a baking sheet, lined with..Silpat®”

To view his recipe, click here!

Southern Fried Black Eyed Peas Recipe

Posted on October 8th, 2014 by Brandon

bmi_charlotte_observer_logo The Charlottte Observer (128,000 circ.) featured a recipe for southern fried black eyed peas using Silpat® . Restaurant writer Robin Domeier explains how to make  them, writing, “Line a sheet pan with a nonstick baking mat, such as a Silpat®”

To try Robin’s recipe for black-eyed peas yourself, click here

Silpat® is now on Instagram!

Posted on October 8th, 2014 by Brandon

bake with Silpat Stay up to date with Silpat® on Instagram by following @MySilpat.

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