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March 2015 Newsletter

Silpat® Perfect Pretzel Makes it Simple

Posted on March 4th, 2015 by Brandon

bake with SilpatOur friend Justine from (11,000 UVPM) used the Silpat® Perfect Pretzel to face her fears while creating mouthwatering Jalapeño Cheddar Pretzels.

Justine tells us, “I’ve worked with cookie doughs, pie doughs, and pastry doughs a countless number of times but it’s been something about sticky pretzel dough that has been intimidating to me. When Silpat sent me a ‘perfect pretzel’ mat, I knew it was time to face my fears.”

Justine also states, “The drawn out pretzel shapes on the mat really helped guide me in shaping the pretzels.”

We’re glad we could help Justine!

You may view her recipe here, however we don’t recommend looking on an empty stomach.


Use the Silpat® Perfect Cookie Mat for Baking…’Perfect Cookies!’

Posted on March 4th, 2015 by Brandon

bake with SilpatOur friend Sarah over at ChefNextDoor blog posted a beautiful recipe for Chocolate Toffee Pecan Cookies using the Silpat® Perfect Cookie baking mat.

She goes on to write, “I will proudly admit that I am in love with this mat. It shows you exactly where to place your little scoops of dough so that you have the perfectly sized cookies.”

She is also a big fan of the brand stating, “The Silpat mats I received have to be one of my favorite tools in the kitchen. Non-stick, easy to clean, and they last forever. What’s not to love?”

We agree Sarah, what’s not to love?! Check out the recipe here and be sure to try these for yourself.

Silpat® Perfect Sushi is a Must-Have for 2015!

Posted on March 4th, 2015 by Brandon

popsugar-jpg_202104Our friends at (3,593,604 UVPM) created a list of must have new food products for February 2015 and the Silpat® Perfect Sushi was included!

They refer to the Perfect Sushi mat as a “game changer” in the sushi world as they write, “Rolling sushi up in a bamboo mat (covered in saran) can be a struggle, especially for beginner sushi makers. However, this Silpat Sushi Roll Mat ($19) may be a game changer. The petite nonstick mat makes it easy and mess-free to create homemade sushi.”

View the complete list here!

Silpat® Used in Unique Ways!

Posted on March 4th, 2015 by Brandon

bake with SilpatNik from (11,000 UVPM) introduced us an interesting new recipe for Silpat® users. He showed us how to Silpat® to make Chocolate Dipped Black Sesame Fortune Cookies. How original!

Nik explains how Silpat® is a integral tool in the kitchen and an upgrade from parchment paper by saying, “I tried both parchment paper and Silpat baking mats while testing this recipe. Silpat gave the overall best results in terms of color, texture and shape. ”

You can view the recipe here.

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