The origins of Silpat date back to 1965 when M. Guy Demarle an experienced baker, sort out a hassle-free solution to baking baguettes. He invented the first silicone non-stick baguette tray and from there produced the blueprint of Silpat products that we've come to know and love.

We are the original creatives and manufacturers of non-stick silicone bakeware. Silpat™ products have a reputation of enhanced design and are renowned for our high-quality non-stick silicone "Made in France" production.

Our Silpat™ US offices were founded in 1993 to ensure that we were able to get our products into kitchens across the globe. After a successful 25 years, Silpat™ have produced a worldwide team that has been able to reach professional and domestic chefs all over the world.

Sasa Demarle Inc. sets the international standard in the pastry and bakery industries, producing Silpat™ products that enhance beginner to veteran chef's food experience during planning, preparations, cooking and baking.

We pride ourselves in creating Silpat™ products that not only meet the requirements of our customers but exceeds their expectations in every shape and form.

In a fast-changing paced market, customers can always anticipate high-quality product innovations from Silpat™ that ensure the ultimate cooking or baking experiences.

At Sasa Demarle Inc., our products, coatings, services and employees are committed to respecting the environment. Our company invests in the social responsibility of being eco-friendly and being kind to the earth.