What Makes Silpat® So Good?

  • Branded and ready to bake for a lifetime!
  • Finishing protects edges
  • Additional silicone layers for easy release and shape definition
  • Unique Silpat® silicone pressed and cut to shape
  • Mold shape
  • Unique fibre glass texture

Key Benefits of Silpat®

  • Professional results for the home
  • Easy to use and fill
  • Healthy and fast preparation: No greasing needed
  • Easy to cook: Even and perfect cooking results
  • Easy to release: Shapes comes out perfectly without breaking
  • Easy to clean: Simply place in the dishwasher or wipe with a cloth - no scrubbing
  • Easy to store: No risk of damaging the mold
  • Uniquely made with our fibre en verre - a textile dipped in our special recipe of Food Grade Silicone

How It's Made