Round 8 Inch Baking Mat
Round 8 Inch Baking Mat

Round 8 Inch Baking Mat

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This mat has been designed to be as multifunctional as possible and can be used as a complete solution to your baking mat needs. Use it to create just about anything your heart desires.

  • Round 8-inch Baking Mat is ideal for creating Danish pastries, baking biscuits, working with sugary and all sugary and salted preparations.
  • The non-stick surface allows for excellent product release and easy cleanup.
  • Reusable and high-temperature resistant.
  • Made of fiberglass, food-grade silicone and completely food safe.
  • Suitable for 8 cake pan.
  • FDA and NSF certified.

Product dimensions:

Size: 8 inches in diameter | 20.3 cm in diameter


Designed in France. Made in China.